Thursday, 13 August 2015

To hand tie or not to hand tie?

Its something that's stirred a bit of a hornets nest here in the UK lately! Supermarkets, corner shops, garage forecourt... doesn't matter where you turn it seems to be almost "unskilled" bouquets massed produced. Is there still a place in commercial flower shops for the hand tied designs? OFF COURSE! We just need to show them off better, present them better and bring them up to date with the times! Customers love them, so why should we dismiss them?
Customers find them easier to care for, easier to present and have a better understanding of the flower and skill value that goes in to them. We just need to show them what we can do as skilled and professional designers.
With a hand tie bouquet you can create value and design with fewer flowers than it may take for a traditional hand tie. Do they have to be "round mounds"? Off course not. Get out some twigs, some wire and have a play with creating beautiful frames for your bouquets. Make your designs stand out from supermarkets, garage forecourt's and even your nearest competitor!

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  1. It's lovely but my customers would want the middle filling in!