Saturday, 26 September 2015

First scottish Florist...

Earlier this year I received a phone call from the lovely Chris Wolfe from Southeast flowers Ltd, asking if I would like to decorate a room at the Leeds Castle Flower Festival, in Maidstone, Kent. Who would turn down a chance to have that as your blank canvas??? I was assigned the Queens bedroom, which belonged to Catherine of Valois, who was the widow of Henry V. A room occupied by the most glorious four poster bed. Our theme for the event was art deco. After some research I decided to create peacocks. I created the bodies with different metallic wires, and the tails from the gorgeous blooms supplied by Southeast Flowers Ltd. I had the most amazing time in the most gorgeous setting! The castle and the grounds ( which boast their own peacocks, including several young chicks who were super cute) are absolutely breath taking! I also found out that I was the first Scottish Florist to take part in the festivities. I can't thank Chris and all the staff at Leeds castle for the chance to take part in such a fantastic festival.



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